Is egg freezing a fertility insurance policy or a back-up fertility plan?

The success rate of egg freezing is based on the age of the woman at the time of the egg freezing cycle, as well as the number of eggs frozen.

Why is it difficult to make a well-informed decision on egg freezing?

Egg freezing is a difficult decision, because the procedure is accompanied by physically and emotionally invasive actions, plus costly financial requirements.

Why family doctors should speak about egg freezing

Most women know that fertility decreases with age. So, seeing celebrities in their 40s and 50s get pregnant, seemingly with ease, is confusing! What gives?

Why egg freezing should be part of family planning

Society focuses on unwanted pregnancies, giving women the impression that it’s easy to get pregnant when the time is right. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy.

Egg freezing 101: Why age matters

Despite our continued scientific and technological advancements every year, age still matters when it comes to freezing human eggs.

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